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2017 Exciting News!

The Jaksa Team are very excited to be implementing a new rewards program called “SPOTLIGHT” highlighting our students who have shown not only improvement but also commitment, dedication, hard work & importantly, teamwork & kindness.  These students will be showcased on the website, social media & on our display boards.  We encourage parents to keep […]

The First of Studio ‘First’s’ for 2015

Today is the ‘first’ blog post on the ‘first’ Sunday after the ‘first’ week of classes. After ten years in business, there aren’t quite so many ‘firsts’ anymore, so I am excited to write about our ‘first week.’ I have many words to describe last week however the one that popped into my head ‘first’, […]

Daddies are Brave.

I was going through the concert pictures and discovered these awesome shots.  They’re not awesome because of the pictures themselves (even though I do think they’re fantastic!) They’re awesome because it captured a magic moment of the brave Fathers who had the gusto to move out of their comfort zone and dance with their daughters […]

As a singing and dance teacher, my job is to raise confident little people – First.

Today, we live in a world that is full of endless opportunities. Children have a smorgasboard of extracurricular activities to choose from: swimming, tennis, netball, softball and all other sporting activities connected with balls!; chess, debating, girl guides, scouts, playstation 4, wi, xbox and other PC, DS, QRST games…. but let’s not forget about diving, […]

21 Days until Concert!

There are now only 21 days until the concert. Wow!! I cannot believe that another year has flown by with the speed of 1000 gazelles and here I am, awaiting the crazy whirlwind that inevitably pops up as the Concert day looms closer. I write this as I sit eating my breakfast and organising my […]

Being a Drama & Musical Theatre Student.

In Drama and Musical Theatre, we do two performances a year. A Pantomime and the End of Year Concert. All of our scripts are written by Miss Jahn and they are always light-hearted, and contain a child-friendly humour to them. Being a drama student is constantly fun. Playing acting games, working on improvisation, becoming a […]

Concert Rehearsals from a Student’s Perspective.

Rehearsals are always full on, but are definitely needed. They help us (the students) remember our cues for when we need to go on stage. At Jaksa we specialise in Musical Theatre, so our end of year concert always has a storyline and is full of Singing, Dancing and Acting!  Last year we did an […]