Uniform Requirements

Students are required to wear the signature Jaksa uniform of:

  • Black tights/leggings
  • Jaksa t-shirt
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Jaksa hoodie

However, some classes have a more specific uniform:

  • Expressive Movement must wear pink ballet stockings and shoes with a black leotard
  • Ballet Bugs, Musical Munchkins, Pixies Drama must wear camel coloured jazz shoes
  • Tap Tots must wear black tap shoes
  • Junior Modern jazz students must wear a black split-sole jazz shoe

All uniforms can be purchased from Jaksa.

  • Musical Munchkins

    Classes for children aged 2 to 4 years.

    Musical Munchkins – Creative play supports children’s learning! Our tailored early childhood program combines singing, dancing and pre-drama, encouraging imagination, self-expression, language, communication and early math skills. Children learn new words, develop fine and gross motor skills and become confident learners.

  • Ballet Bugs and Tap Tots

    For ages 2 to 4 years.

    Both programs are focused on nurturing confidence.

    In Ballet Bugs, our tiny ballerina’s will fairy run and gallop to magical music programed to develop musicality, good posture and promotes a strong sense of well-being.

    While our vivacious Tap Tots lesson will delight your child as they explore and experiment with movement and sound using their body and feet (tap shoes are required).

  • Modern Jazz

    For Junior students.

    Watch your child skip, jump, twirl and bounce with enthusiasm to each dance class!  See them sparkle as their confidence grows in this Modern Jazz dance class.

    • Develop dance techniques and flexibility
    • Allow your child to explore their individuality through dance.
    • Give your child the ability to enhance their dance capabilities in a safe, pleasurable environment!
  • Expressive Movement

    For Junior students.

    Grant your child the chance to feel enchanted by our classical music, and blossom into a confident classical ballet dancer.

    Foundations for excellence:

    • Dance technique and posture,
    • Extension and flow of movement,
    • Performance opportunities to enhance their performance skills and expression!

    At JAKSA, we encourage our students to connect with the music and communicate through expressive dance. This class compliments and strengthens all other forms of dance training.

  • Street Dance

    For Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Open (18+)

    An exhilarating high energy, hip-hop class packed with sharp, sophisticated beats and dance movements choreographed to your favourite music!

    Promoting fitness, tricks, turns, strength, stamina and performance skills!

    • Recreation-based
    • Learn Hip-hop tricks and turns
    • Build strength and stamina
    • Enhance your expression and performance skills!

    Students are required to wear the signature JAKSA uniform, paired with Jazz boots, or black sneakers.

  • Percussive Tap

    For Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Open (18+)

    Individuality is encouraged in our tap-based percussive dance classes, focusing on strong beats and syncopated rhythms.

    But our students don’t just use their feet!  Be creative with sounds, using hands, body and the floor!  Implementing some CSTD Tapping technique, to enhance each students’ overall techniques, and performance skills!

  • Stretch, Flex and Body Best

    For Intermediates, Seniors and Open (18+)

    The foundation of this class is strength and technique while implementing flexibility and targeting body conditioning. This innovative class is for the dancer who wants to improve their turns or the dancer who wants to find their feet again as it’s designed with all abilities in mind, so you can work at your own pace and be encouraged to be your best.  Everyone benefits!  It will improve posture and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Creative Drama

    For Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors

    Creative Drama focuses on exploring and investigating their world.  Teachers encourage individuality and creative expression and guide students to refine their acting skills.

    Focus areas are:

    • Improvisation

    • Voice technique and projection

    • Character building

    • Script and story development

    • Staging and choreography

  • Melody and Movement

    For Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Open (18+)!

    A creative group singing lesson focusing on developing confident singers.

    Students learn vocal techniques, develop melody lines and harmonies as well as implementing basic movement to create a performance piece.  Students also experience recording their vocals and the techniques involved in studio session singing.

    These students also benefit from many performance opportunities!

  • Private Singing

    Available for all ages.

    Tailored vocal programs are available for individuals who want to unleash their vocal potential and develop their singing.

    • Melodies, harmonies and vocal health

    • Microphone and performance techniques

    • Opportunity to experience the recording studio

  • Musical Theatre

    For Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors

    Empowering the creative mind, Musical theatre is an extension class that compliments the creative drama class.

    Focus areas:

    • Costume, prop and set design

    • Performance skills

    • Sound and Lighting

    Students must attend a Creative Drama Class to be eligible to attend the Musical Theatre Class.

  • Creative Dance

    For Intermediates, Seniors and Open (18+)

    An exhilarating new dance fusion class!  Students will be challenged learning different routines of different dance styles every few weeks:  Commercial Jazz, Funk, Fosse, Bollywood or Modern Jazz!  You never know what style you’ll be working on but you will definitely excel in dance technique, musicality, flexibility and creative expression.  A creative class for the born entertainer.

  • Contemporary

    For Senior & Open (18+)

    Contemporary dance has strong foundations in classical ballet, with emphasis on:

    • Technique

    • Strength

    • Precision

    It’s an expressive form of dance with fluency of movement and strength in execution.

  • Music Lessons

    For all ages.

    Tailored programs for students who wish to explore their musicality.

    • Piano

    • Guitar