Positive reinforcement at JAKSA

We have developed three different programs to harness a positive, happy, and encouraging environment within our studio. These are outlined below. 1.  Bee Code of Conduct Our “Bee Code of Conduct” is a simple code of conduct to help instil JAKSA’s values and it is an acronym of JAKSA: J … Read More

Multi-Skilled Performing Artists?

An old, out-dated method of describing a versatile performer is “a triple threat”. At JAKSA we do not like that terminology and are determined to find a phrase which allows multi-skilled performers to feel pride in the fact that they have the ability to perform multiple tasks with confidence. The … Read More

JAKSA – Where Your Child’s Safety is Our Priority

We are strong advocates for/of the protection of your children, our students, and our key focus is their overall wellbeing. To achieve this, we take all aspects as a performing arts studio and of our roles as teachers, mentors and responsible adults into consideration when planning our events. Our chosen … Read More

What Dancing Can Do for Your Tween

For those in their ‘tweenage’ years, dance enables a means to express their individuality and creativity. At JAKSA we help in building positive self-esteem and support both mental health and wellbeing. A large part of this is assisting in social and emotional development as the ages between adolescent and teenager … Read More

How Dance Can Encourage & Inspire Your Young Child

From the very youngest of ages, children are drawn to music. How often do we see cute little videos on social media of kids rocking it out, with their bottoms wriggling to music? It’s not only adorable, but it is also a great example of a child developing their motor … Read More

Miss Lana’s World’s Greatest Shave

  In Week 4, Miss Lana will be shaving her head for the World’s Greatest Shave to support Australian families with their battle with cancer. The event will be held on Wednesday 23rd May, at 6:30pm at the studio. We invite you to come along and watch Miss Lana get … Read More


In 2017, JAKSA introduced our own “SPOTLIGHT” program, which promotes positive behaviour and hard work ethic. Our Spotlight nominations are chosen over Terms 1, 2 & 3, and are chosen based on: Kindness Teamwork Improvement in their abilities to sing/dance/act Improvement in their confidence Manners & respect Commitment – Attends … Read More

JAKSA’s Mini Mentors aka JAKSA M&M’S!

Starting in 2018 we introduced JAKSA M&Ms, which is a class peer support program. This new program will continue in 2019! But what is our JAKSA M&Ms? Students are chosen by teachers to help in class with guiding and assisting other students in their activities, helping to read scripts, handing out … Read More

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