Mini Mentor: Meet Jenna

A massive congratulations to Jenna for becoming one of our first JAKSA Mini Mentors! More Mini Mentors to come soon…



In Week 4, Miss Lana will be shaving her head for the World’s Greatest Shave to support Australian families with their battle with cancer.

The event will be held on Wednesday 23rd May, at 6:30pm at the studio. We invite you to come along and watch Miss Lana get her head shaved, you may even get a chance to cut some of her hair off!  This event will also be live streamed on our instagram @jaksaperformingartsstudio.

If you would like to sponsor Miss Lana, there will be a donation box at the studio throughout Term 2, & all donations are most welcome.



In 2017, JAKSA introduced our own “SPOTLIGHT” program, which promotes positive behaviour and hard work ethic. Our Spotlight nominations are chosen over Terms 1, 2 & 3, and are chosen based on: Kindness; Teamwork; Improvement in their abilities to sing/dance/act; Improvement in their confidence; Manners & Respect; Commitment – Attends all lessons & is punctual; Displays a positive attitude; Class Participation; Enthusiasm & determination & Pride in Uniform. The students are then filmed, answering the Spotlight questions and their photos are put up on our noticeboard at the studio for everyone to see.


Starting 2018, we are introducing JAKSA M&Ms, which is a class peer support program.  Students are chosen by teachers to help in class with guiding and assisting other students in their activities, helping to read scripts, handing out stickers at the end of class, writing names on the “Take Five” boards, walking little students to the toilet or helping them walk down the stairs and general acts of kindness.  These students must already display leadership skills and most importantly be down to earth, kind, humble and very approachable.  They will be given badges to wear and those that are chosen will be an M&M throughout the entire year.


This is our code of conduct to help instill JAKSA’S values.

J – Joyful (smiling faces, enjoying class, including everyone)

A – Appreciative (manners, respect)

K – Kindhearted (helping others, using kind words)

S – Supportive (looking after our friends, inclusivity, helping)

A – Approachable (saying hello to a new student, asking if someone needs help, smiling at everyone when they walk into the studio even if they’re nervous)


Take fives are little random acts of kindness that reflect our Bee Code.  Our JAKSA teachers instigate and recognise “take fives” in their classes by rewarding positive behaviour. For example:  if a student helps another student without having to be asked, you could respond with.  “Wow, Lucy.  I am very impressed!  You just displayed a take five by helping Mary.  What a kind heart you have!  Let’s put your name on the “K” chart because you are “Kindhearted”.  This program aims to establish positive self-esteem, instil values and leadership skills and ignite a passion for working with others.

2017 Exciting News!

The Jaksa Team are very excited to be implementing a new rewards program called “SPOTLIGHT” highlighting our students who have shown not only improvement but also commitment, dedication, hard work & importantly, teamwork & kindness.  These students will be showcased on the website, social media & on our display boards.  We encourage parents to keep up to date with “Jaksa Performing Arts Studio” social media i.e FaceBook; Instagram; Twitter; Pinterest & YouTube as we’ve got a new marketing campaign happening too!

We are also integrating the CSTD Theatrical & Performing Arts Syllabus!

This syllabus aims to develop the triple threat, to train students to be versatile performers and to prepare them for musical theatre auditions.

Renowned musicals are are studied at each level and is designed to allow teachers creative scope, choreographically and stylistically.

2017 is going to be full of excitement and new adventures!

The First of Studio ‘First’s’ for 2015

IMG_5888 IMG_5875

Today is the ‘first’ blog post on the ‘first’ Sunday after the ‘first’ week of classes.

After ten years in business, there aren’t quite so many ‘firsts’ anymore, so I am excited to write about our ‘first week.’

I have many words to describe last week however the one that popped into my head ‘first’, was mayhem.  It was an exciting, chaotic week of mayhem!

To begin the week, we had Mad Monday! Always a hectic start to the week, our ‘first’ Monday was just that. Students were unsure of what studio classes were held in, parents were unsure of timetables and teachers were unsure of class numbers. We had people wanting to buy uniforms and shoes, teachers looking for music and syllabus (though that should have been sorted beforehand…. Insert a Miss Jahn frown.) Our security camera’s were turned on for the ‘first’ time this year and registration forms were flying about, like the scene in Harry Potter’s The Sorcerer’s Stone when all the mail flies into Uncle Vernon’s house.

Jay John’s hosted our ‘first’ hip hop dance workshop for the year and we all had our first studio pictures with him (and our ‘first’ set of sore muscles!)

We had nervous little bellies of new students attending their ‘first’ class at Jaksa.

Yes, we had a few ‘first’ tears but after warm hugs from Mother’s and the start of ‘first’ exercises, everyone had their ‘first’ smiles and skipped out of classes with their ‘first’ class enjoyed by all.

At Jaksa, we love creating….. ‘First’s!’

Daddies are Brave.

I was going through the concert pictures and discovered these awesome shots.  They’re not awesome because of the pictures themselves (even though I do think they’re fantastic!) They’re awesome because it captured a magic moment of the brave Fathers who had the gusto to move out of their comfort zone and dance with their daughters in the End of Year Concert.

Out of 40 Father’s asked, eight brave men attended regular classes to learn a basic jive with their daughters. They put 150% effort into their rehearsals and even though it was hot and sweaty work twirling their gorgeous girls around and they got lost in their format here and there – they never complained.

What was magical, was the look on their daughters faces…. Priceless. That’s what we do at Jaksa.  We give the opportunity to everyone to create little pockets of priceless memories.

Well done guys. You were awesome. Xx Miss Jahn



21 Days until Concert!

There are now only 21 days until the concert. Wow!! I cannot believe that another year has flown by with the speed of 1000 gazelles and here I am, awaiting the crazy whirlwind that inevitably pops up as the Concert day looms closer. I write this as I sit eating my breakfast and organising my week, day, hour, minute…. As dance/singing/drama teachers we have the ability to squash 400 things into the small space of an hour. A rare talent I believe! And then we wonder why we get so tired! Ha ha. Today I have a very long “To Do” list. Already I have ironed two sets of school uniforms, made school lunches, dropped the kiddies off to school, put two loads of washing on and hung one out, put new bed linens on one bed, put the dishes away, fed the pets, emailed several clients, taken 4 phone calls and updated my website. It’s only 9.00am. Now I have to finalise insurances, update banking, finalise invoices, organise head pieces, finalise some costumes, organise tech runs, edit music, mix vocal tracks, go for a walk (to keep my derrier in check), then tonight I will teach for 3 hours and then attend the first audition sessions of The Regals Musical Society – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I am the choreographer.) No doubt, when I crawl into bed at midnight I will be a tad tired. Perhaps I’ll need to fit in a nanna nap somewhere. TTFN, lots to do! Until next time. Zoom, zoom, zoom!