Primary School - Musical Theatre Program

PDHPE, CAPA & English Learning Areas

RFF Approved - 8 Week Program

Your students will experience creativity, growth mindset and increased resilience

Dramatic Effects is a curriculum-based Musical Theatre Program incorporating Singing, Dancing and Acting. It fulfils outcomes from the PDHPE, CAPA and English learning areas.

Your students will be inspired and engaged in their learning by our dynamic team of expert educators.

Each child, regardless of age, gender or ability, will be empowered to make sense of the world around them through our creative process.

Positive attitudes are encouraged by our specialist educators

Your school’s values are supported as children learn to think in ways that are imaginative and creative.

As students learn to communicate and express themselves via singing, dancing and acting, they will be encouraged to become independent, life-long learners.

All while being actively involved in creating their musical theatre routine. This can then be performed at any school event - such as concerts, fete’s, P&C fundraising nights or Year 6 Farewell Graduations!

Free Consultation

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Facilitate courage in your students by letting them experience musical adventures!

Skills such literacy, numeracy, personal and social capability as well as self-reflection are embedded within our program. Our program also promotes mindfulness, self-monitoring and builds social skills.

We instil leadership skills as well as encouraging risk-taking, igniting confidence, building self-esteem, fitness and co-ordination.

And if you need some expert advice, our team can support your teachers to coordinate any school performance and help with innovative ideas for themed events.

Why choose “Dramatic Effects”?

  • Our program has been trialled and tested
  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • Qualified primary teachers that can assist you with your RFF
  • Coordinate classes to work within your busy school schedule
  • We also have a costume hire business that can cater to your needs


Early Stage One
  • Jungle Adventures
  • Who’s new at the zoo?
Stage One
  • The Mad Hatters
  • Hero’s are us!
Stage Two
  • Life is Fun!
  • A-Rama-Lama-Lama
Stage Three
  • Best Summer Ever
  • We’ve come so far

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What people are saying:

"JAKSA is a wonderful team. A young, vibrant and enthusiastic team."
Merrie M - 2019

The children are "more confident in who they are and what they can do. We have been amazed by their growth."
Kellie S - 2019