I recommended JAKSA for anyone who wants to not only learn about dance and music but wants to feel welcome within a community. Jaksa was the only place I could be myself and it was the best thing I did as a teenager growing up.

Alice K

The concert was amazing, such a polished production!

Pauline O

“JAKSA is one big family, full of support and encouragement. Being a little shy myself, I joined the adults group singing class and with Miss Jahn’s encouragement, I built up my own confidence and stepped out onto the stage in my first concert which was very exciting for my family having both Mother and my four year old daughter in the same concert! What I love about JAKSA, is that they cater for all levels of experience and all types of performing arts and every student is given opportunities to shine.”

Natalie K

Hi Jahn, Fab Fab Fabulous concert!!

You are amazing, my daughter adores you!!

Sam M

“Fantastic concert!! You did a great job, we really loved the show, all the kids did a great job. You should be proud of yourself, you’re a winner!”

Kim P

“In the past two years, I have watched my daughter grow in confidence and that is due to the quality of teaching and leadership at Jaksa. Jaksa nurtures each child and allows them to showcase their abilities through performances and concerts. ”

Alison C

“JAKSA Performing Arts is a fantastic place to send your child to learn a variety of skills. My daughter has been attending the studio for the past three years and I have found the place to be extremely friendly, with both the staff and students encouraging each other. I have always found Miss Jahn to be an effervescent person who is always positive and approachable. She is an extremely dedicated teacher who goes out of her way to make sure every child has an opportunity to showcase their talents, organising both a Pantomime and concert each year. During the time my daughter has been attending the studio, I have seen her confidence in herself and her skills in music, drama and dance improve. Her school teachers have also commented on her improved confidence, particularly when performing and talking in front of others. JAKSA Performing Arts is a fun, caring studio with dedicated staff who bring out the best in all students.”

Megan M

“We have been members of the JAKSA family for over six years, participating in drama, singing & dancing lessons and my three children have blossomed.  They have been in Concerts, Pantomimes, Showcases, Community shows & auditions for several TV shows. On a personal note we have gotten to know Miss Jahn, her staff & her family and have found them to be honest, trustworthy and professional.  The JAKSA students are always their first priority.”

Kristy B

“My daughter has danced and sing with JAKSA for 6 Years now and we couldn’t be more happy! Her confidence has soared, her friendship group has grown and her love of performing, costumes, make up and hair grooming has deepened. JAKSA is a family away from our home and my daughter has looked fwd attending twice a week for many years.”

Trisha C

“My daughter has been part of the JASKA family for the last 2 years & our experience has been all positive.

J ammin-blast some music & have some fun, meet new friends.
A ctive-energetic fun, the kids love it-parents too, especially end of year concert.
S upportive-reassuring, inspiring positive teachers.
K ind-caring environment that builds confidence.
A ccomplished-teachers are talented, skillful & encouraging.”

Troy H