The First of Studio ‘First’s’ for 2015

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Today is the ‘first’ blog post on the ‘first’ Sunday after the ‘first’ week of classes.

After ten years in business, there aren’t quite so many ‘firsts’ anymore, so I am excited to write about our ‘first week.’

I have many words to describe last week however the one that popped into my head ‘first’, was mayhem.  It was an exciting, chaotic week of mayhem!

To begin the week, we had Mad Monday! Always a hectic start to the week, our ‘first’ Monday was just that. Students were unsure of what studio classes were held in, parents were unsure of timetables and teachers were unsure of class numbers. We had people wanting to buy uniforms and shoes, teachers looking for music and syllabus (though that should have been sorted beforehand…. Insert a Miss Jahn frown.) Our security camera’s were turned on for the ‘first’ time this year and registration forms were flying about, like the scene in Harry Potter’s The Sorcerer’s Stone when all the mail flies into Uncle Vernon’s house.

Jay John’s hosted our ‘first’ hip hop dance workshop for the year and we all had our first studio pictures with him (and our ‘first’ set of sore muscles!)

We had nervous little bellies of new students attending their ‘first’ class at Jaksa.

Yes, we had a few ‘first’ tears but after warm hugs from Mother’s and the start of ‘first’ exercises, everyone had their ‘first’ smiles and skipped out of classes with their ‘first’ class enjoyed by all.

At Jaksa, we love creating….. ‘First’s!’