What Makes Us Award Winners

Our studio is an affiliate member of the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (CSTD) and our dance teachers regularly attend training workshops throughout the year. The improvement displayed by our students is celebrated by all our teachers and each success, no matter how small, encourages the teachers to develop their students' technique and self-confidence.

Our team create a nurturing, creative space, where students from ages 2 years, through to adults, are encouraged to explore their talents, express their individuality and develop their skills in the performing arts. Our programs and syllabus assist children's social and emotional development, speech and language development, fine and gross motor skill development, cognitive development. Our JAKSA team continually create internal and external opportunities for students to excel and their parents to celebrate in their successes.

JAKSA has been proud to regularly support local community events, celebrations, small businesses and charities that support education, sustainability and humanitarian issues.  We donate our services by performing and have celebrated with several organisations, schools, and not-for-profits in our local area. Over the last two years, JAKSA'S success is growing more mindful of its role within the community.  We continually learn new strategies to support and develop mental health and well-being in its students, encouraging a growth mindset, promoting morale and creating a more positive environment and culture.

Our JAKSA team's priority will always be to support children in their growth and development and overall mental health and well-being.  Secondary to that we will continue to create professional artists and future leaders of the community.

JAKSA is a winner because we provide opportunity!

Opportunity to explore individual talent in an encouraging environment

Opportunity to develop specialist skills in a creative environment

Opportunity for individual growth mindset and build positive self-esteem in a supportive environment

Opportunity to succeed and prosper

Opportunity to create

That is what makes JAKSA a winner.