Please read the information below and contact our team if you need more details.


Due to COVID-19 Government restrictions we have limited numbers
of people in each class AND in total on the premises.

We can only allow CONFIRMED STUDENTS to attend.

Confirmed students are those who have:

1) Filled in & returned their Liability AND Covid release forms.

2) Paid their student registration AND are up to date with their class fees.

We want and need to keep all staff and student safe.

We've had people turn up to class without us knowing they were coming
and unfortunately with Covid we can't have this happen as it would put our numbers over!

New Students
You are very welcome to visit the studio and even have a free trial class
BUT we just need to know you are coming - so please contact us beforehand
so that we can arrange things properly.

Exisiting Students
Please make sure everything is up to date and you are a CONFIRMED STUDENT
so we can make sure each class and student is allocated correctly.
If you are unsure please email or sms us.

We're COVID SAFE badgeThank you everyone for your understanding with this.

We have to take our COVID Safe responsibilities very seriously - as we're sure you appreciate.