At JAKSA the cornerstone of our programs is to encourage a supportive, positive culture and develop a growth mindset in our students.

We strongly believe that the growth mindset way of thinking is a better reflection of reality.

Our mindset is heavily influenced by the quality of our self-talk and POSITIVE self-talk is kind, supportive and affirming.

It boosts confidence, helps children to succeed in creative or sporting activities, helps them achieve goals and most importantly helps them get through challenging times.

Due to the current pandemic, and the myriad of changes the children in our community have had to endure, we noticed that some students had become a little disconnected and lost confidence. So when we returned to face to face learning, we introduced “Circle Time!”

This new activity aims to highlight the qualities and strengths that other people see in us, reminding our students of their individuality and identity.

Our teachers lead the activity encouraging and guiding thoughtful comments made by students dedicated to another student within the class and we know that hearing these positive comments will help our students to develop their own positive self-talk narrative which will lead to developing their self-confidence again.


Our staff are motivated to promote a supportive, positive culture by role modelling our "Bee Code of Conduct" and implementing our positive rewards and peer support programs, as detailed below.

To represent and encourage our pre-class and junior students to implement our "Bee" code, we have the junior mascot Bella Bee, who you can see twirling in her bee costume to the right.

This is our code of conduct to help instil JAKSA’S values:

J     Joyful ~ Smiling faces, enjoying class, including everyone.

A    Appreciative ~ Showing manners and respect to all.

K    Kindhearted ~ Helping others, using kind words.

S    Supportive ~ Looking after our friends, inclusivity, helping.

A    Approachable ~ Saying hello to a new student, asking if someone needs help, smiling at everyone when they walk into the studio
         ...even if they’re nervous.

Bella Bee

Our Junior Mascot


Our "Take Five" posters are displayed in our studio and celebrated by all students.

"Take Fives" are little random acts of kindness, displayed by the student in class, reflecting our Bee Code.  Our team encourages students to display “take fives” in their classes, by rewarding positive behaviour and instilling growth mindset.  One student per class, each week is chosen and they are allowed to write their names on the posters for all the studio to see and celebrate throughout the year.

For example:  If a student helps another student without having to be asked, we respond with:

“Wow, Lucy.  I am very proud of you!  You just displayed a take five by helping Mary.  What a kind heart you have!  Let’s put your name on the “K” chart because you are “Kindhearted”.

This program aims to continue to establish positive self-esteem, instill values and leadership skills.

As mentioned above, we have a pre-class/Junior mascot, to encourage our little ones to "Be their best", "Be brave and try again", instilling growth mindset and resilience and also relates to our "Bee" Code of conduct.

Our intermediate mascot, is a vibrant character; who is cross between a tiger and a wolf, and represents strength, determination, perseverance and loyalty!  (You can see him/her back flipping below).

All our students were given the opportunity to choose a name and it's JAKSAMON!


In 2017, JAKSA introduced our own “SPOTLIGHT” program, which promotes positive behaviour and hard work ethic. Our students love this aspect of JAKSA! Our Spotlight nominations are chosen over Terms 1, 2 & 3, and are chosen based on:

  • Kindness
  • Teamwork
  • Improvement in their abilities to sing/dance/act
  • Improvement in their confidence
  • Manners & Respect
  • Commitment – Attends all lessons and is punctual
  • Displays a positive attitude
  • Class Participation
  • Enthusiasm & Determination
  • Pride in Uniform 

The students are then filmed, answering the Spotlight questions and their photos are put up on our noticeboard at the studio for everyone to see.


The JAKSA team were excited to implement our new peer support program in 2018, "The JAKSA Mini-Mentors (M&M's)".  Student's who have displayed leadership skills and most importantly are down to earth, kind, humble and very approachable, are chosen by teachers to help in class with guiding and assisting other students in their activities, helping to read scripts, handing out stickers at the end of class, writing names on the “Take Five” boards, walking little student's to the bathroom or helping them walk down the stairs and general acts of kindness.

They are given a JAKSA M&M badge to wear to classes and are filmed for our social media page as well.  Our goal, is to create strong role models within our studio community and future leaders of their generation.

This is a class peer support program.  Students are chosen by teachers to help in class with guiding and assisting other students in their activities, helping to read scripts, handing out stickers at the end of class, writing names on the “Take Five” boards, walking little students to the toilet or helping them walk down the stairs and general acts of kindness.

These students must already display leadership skills and most importantly be down to earth, kind, humble and very approachable.  They will be given badges to wear and those that are chosen will be an M&M throughout the entire year.

We encourage all parents to celebrate with their children who are nominated for Spotlight or M&M's by sending them congratulatory emails and attaching the links to watch their children's videos.

We welcome parents feedback via our email system and Facebook groups and we regularly email or text them updated information and newsletters.

Our Students have voted and chosen a name...


JAKSAMON was drawn by our senior student, Miss Hannah W, and represents:

  • Strength
  • Determination
  • Perseverance
  • Loyalty

Characteristics that our JAKSA students regularly display in our classes.

Thank you to everyone who thought up names and voted!