JAKSA’s Bee Code

Our “Bee Code of Conduct” is a simple code to help instil JAKSA’s values and it is an acronym of JAKSA!

  • J – Joyful                       smiling faces, enjoying class, including everyone
  • A – Appreciative       manners & respect
  • K – Kindhearted       helping others, using kind words
  • S – Supportive            looking after our friends, inclusivity, helping each other
  • A – Approachable    saying hello to a new student, asking if someone needs help, smiling at everyone when they walk into the studio even if they’re nervous

Our junior mascot is a Bee to encourage our younger students to “be their best” and relate to our “Bee Code”.  They will be used to represent us throughout our website and social media. Our senior mascot is a vibrant character called Jahdu JAKSA which is cross between a tiger and a wolf, representing strength, determination, perseverance and loyalty.

To help implement our “Bee” code of conduct into our classes, we have “Take Fives” posters displayed in our studio. These are little random acts of kindness, displayed by the student in class, reflecting our Bee Code. All teachers are trained and encouraged to recognise “take fives” in their classes and reward positive behaviour.