Daddies are Brave.

I was going through the concert pictures and discovered these awesome shots.  They’re not awesome because of the pictures themselves (even though I do think they’re fantastic!) They’re awesome because it captured a magic moment of the brave Fathers who had the gusto to move out of their comfort zone and dance with their daughters in the End of Year Concert.

Out of 40 Father’s asked, eight brave men attended regular classes to learn a basic jive with their daughters. They put 150% effort into their rehearsals and even though it was hot and sweaty work twirling their gorgeous girls around and they got lost in their format here and there – they never complained.

What was magical, was the look on their daughters faces…. Priceless. That’s what we do at Jaksa.  We give the opportunity to everyone to create little pockets of priceless memories.

Well done guys. You were awesome. Xx Miss Jahn