How Dance Can Encourage & Inspire Your Young Child

From the very youngest of ages, children are drawn to music. How often do we see cute little videos on social media of kids rocking it out, with their bottoms wriggling to music? It’s not only adorable, but it is also a great example of a child developing their motor skills.

JAKSA is an inclusive and creative environment. Our teaching method consists of fun and creative play. By learning about different rhythms and beats, and associative learning, not only will your child learn to dance; they will gain the confidence to develop their personal identity. Through our creative environment, we provide the opportunity for children to value language and become confident learners.

Music and dance can assist your child with a wide variety of important skills including; social and emotional development, speech and language development, cognitive development, developing non-verbal communication skills, and even learning early mathematical skills. Additionally, by learning to copy actions and steps, your child is increasing the development of both their fine and gross motor skills. Dancing is also responsible for boosting children’s language, communication, and literacy skills.

An introduction into JAKSA’s dance world will also enable your child to learn about diversity and inclusion, it creates close relationships between adults and children, it is a place of discovery and learning within a secure and trusting environment. We encourage honesty, openness, consistency, authenticity, respectfulness, and ethics. We lead by example, drawing on our experience and knowledge, to shape early childhood education through creativity and innovative thinking.

Students at JAKSA have a sense of truly belonging, and we are passionate that all children can access and actively participate in our programs. For children aged between two and four years, we have the following dance classes:  Musical Munchkins, Tap Tots, Lil Steppers, and Ballet Bugs. We offer each prospective new member one free trial class… so why not give it a go?

For more information, please Contact Miss Jahn.