What Dancing Can Do for Your Tween

For those in their ‘tweenage’ years, dance enables a means to express their individuality and creativity. At JAKSA we help in building positive self-esteem and support both mental health and wellbeing. A large part of this is assisting in social and emotional development as the ages between adolescent and teenager are often filled with uncertainty as they struggle to navigate their way through this period.

Dancing teaches resistance, mindfulness, and encouraged a growth mindset. It promotes morale amongst their peers, healthy living, and a sense of loving to learn. Dancing groups also help students maintain a high level of care and respect for each student, their families, and their community; our students pursue a high level of excellence and have a true sense of belonging. We teach the importance of integrity, respect, and teamwork. Honesty, trust, and responsibility.

We support diversity and inclusivity, we empower our students and also encourage creative thinking, effort, and persistence. JAKSA has a culture of positivity and nurturing. Our diverse teaching methods support your tween’s development and encourage their learning in literacy, numeracy, comprehension and cognitive skills; all skills which are needed on a day to day basis at home, school, and in the public domain. Most importantly, we value each and every individual student for their personal talents and skills.

We offer each prospective new member one free trial class… so why not give it a go?

For more information, please Contact Miss Jahn.