JAKSA – Your Child’s Safety is Our Priority

We are strong advocates for/of the protection of children, our students, and our key focus is their overall well-being. To achieve this, we take all aspects of our roles as teachers, mentors and responsible adults into consideration when planning our events. Our chosen costumes, music and choreography are all age appropriate. Our students are regularly monitored and evaluated by our staff, not just their teachers.  Our team ensure that your children are alright whether it be in class, in the foyer before and after class or during rehearsals, etc. We pride ourselves for making sure that every child in our care is safe. The performances, fundraisers and community events which we are involved in, are always in locations we deem safe and are thoroughly evaluated before we agree to take our performers to the event.

JAKSA foster and nurture positive relationships between both peers and teachers and we encourage leadership and strong role modelling in our students. Our teachers regularly meet to discuss strategies to help inspire, guide, and support our students who may be struggling. We never compare students.  We encourage and celebrate individual strengths, talents and skills. Our scripts are all original and are individually written for the student to compliment and highlight their strengths, fostering and empowering their self-confidence.

Always remember that when in OUR care, YOUR child’s safety and overall well-being is our priority.