Multi-Skilled Performing Artists!

At JAKSA we encourage our students to be versatile in their skill set, all round performers, enabling them to secure roles and longevity in their performance career.  In old school terminology “triple threats” however we are determined to find a phrase more becoming of a 21st century artist which allows multi-skilled performers to feel pride in the fact that they have the ability to sing, dance and act with confidence!

Commercially Versatile.  Multi-faceted.  Multidisciplinary. Proficient.

Are all words we use to describe our students!  The long and short of it is that the more adaptable and versatile a performer is, the more likely they are to obtain a contract whether it be in musical theatre, radio, cover bands or stage shows.  The opportunities are endless for consummate proficient performers.  As an example, theatrical companies are money driven and casts are usually as small as possible; why pay two people to perform two different tasks when you can pay one person to perform both? So being a multi-skilled performer can be extremely beneficial in their future entertainment career.

If our students decide that a future in the entertainment industry is not for them, they can be assured in the knowledge that as a student at JAKSA, in the performing arts industry, they are being taught valuable life skills. The benefits of our programs instill leadership, teamwork, growth mindset, self-respect, self-confidence and performing/speaking in front of an audience, which are all skills that will help them through their personal and professional lives.

JAKSA strives to support the growth and development of the future leaders of our community.