Positive reinforcement at JAKSA

We have developed three different programs to harness a positive, happy, and encouraging culture within our studio. These are outlined below.

1.  Bee Code of Conduct

Our “Bee Code of Conduct” is an acronym of JAKSA. It’s a simple code of conduct, instilling our values.

  • J – Joyful ~ smiling, joyful faces, participating in class, including everyone
  • A – Appreciative ~ manners & respect & learning to value what they have
  • K – Kindhearted ~ helping others, using kind words, displaying empathy
  • S – Supportive ~ looking after our friends, promoting inclusivity & supporting each other
  • A – Approachable ~ saying hello to a new student, asking if someone needs help, smiling at everyone when they walk into the studio, even if they’re nervous

Our junior mascot is a little female Bee to encourage our younger students to “be their best” & “be kind” for example and relates to our “Bee Code”.  Our mascot has been designed and students are currently in the process of choosing a name for her.  She will represent us throughout our website and social media. Our senior mascot is a vibrant character called JAKSAMON he/she is a cross between a tiger and a wolf, representing strength, determination, perseverance and loyalty.  The students were also given the opportunity to be involved in the naming process.

2.  Spotlight Program

Our positive rewards program, “Spotlight”, gives students the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication through the year.  Student’s are chosen as a recipient based on:

  • Kindness
  • Teamwork
  • Improvement in their abilities to sing/dance/act
  • Improvement in their self-confidence; manners & respect
  • Commitment – Attends all lessons & is punctual
  • Displays a positive attitude
  • Class Participation
  • Enthusiasm & determination
  • Pride in Uniform

Our goal is that every student is nominated for a spotlight by the end of the year.

3.  JAKSA Mini-Mentors (M&M’s) Program

Students who display leadership skills and most importantly are down to earth, kind, humble and very approachable, are chosen by teachers to help in class. They help with guiding and assisting other students in their activities; supporting students to read scripts; handing out stickers at the end of class; writing names on the “Take Five” boards; walking younger students to the bathroom or helping them walk down the stairs and general acts of kindness. They are given a JAKSA M&M badge to wear to classes and are filmed for our social media page as well. Our goal is to create strong role models within our studio and future leaders of our community.

We offer each prospective new member one free trial class, so why not give it a go?

For more information, please Contact Miss Jahn.