Singing Teachers get to play with fancy costumes and listen to music all day!

I was prompted to write this blog by a student of mine.

This student is the sweetest little thing and she told me that she wants to get a job like mine because, “singing teachers get to play with fancy costumes and listen to music all day.”
Oh, from the mouths of babes.

My instant reaction was hesitation because that’s the least of my obligations but then I realised that’s all they see me do! So a grand chuckle pursued. Upon reflection, I do have the best job in the world! This flamboyant industry is full on, it’s hard work and I love every minute of it. However, it’s also complete with intricacies and daily chores that no-one ever gets to see. For a Dance teacher or Singing teacher we have to have many bows in our quiver.
I know for a fact, that I am a multitasking juggler under strict time constraints and regardless of the curve balls thrown to me. I must keep those balls up in the air! Not only are we expected to run a profitable business with up to date bookwork, business stats, BAS & tax implications. We need to market our business and keep up to date with changing social media. We also have to create a safe space, where each student gains confidence and support as they immerse themselves in learning this fine art. For those with families, you also need to keep on top of homework and school activities, housework and meals!
It can be a solo living consumed by bookwork and lists, lots of lists!

At my studio I am lucky enough to be the creator of all that we do.
I organise the concepts of our Pantomimes & Concerts; I write all the scripted works accordingly; I choose all the music, making sure it’s age appropriate and in the right key to sing; I give all the teachers their music and working parameters; I record all the student group singing work and help to mix and edit all the music tracks; I organise all the show runs, keeping in mind times to costume change; I book the venues, seats and organise production of ticket fonts and requirements; I organise all the costumes ensuring they suit the style of the routine and the different shapes of the students; I have to think about stage sets and hand held prop requirements and more often than not I make them from design and concept through to the finished product; I set up sound equipment and live microphones so the student benefits from practicing and working with state of the art sound equipment; I have to liaise with sound, lighting and audio engineers. Then of course I need to teach everything to the student within a time frame that enables them to feel confident for their performance.
And that’s just during concert prep!

Yes there are a lot of “I’s” in there and I do get some fantastic volunteers helping along the way.
I’m certainly not perfect (don’t tell my husband that though ha ha) my costume room is a shemozzle, I need to organise my costume hire aspect of the business (which I’ve still not done!), I’ve only just updated my website and I was really late in editing last year’s concert DVD because my computer chucked several tantrums!

But, I am lucky cos’ I get to play with fancy costumes and listen to music all day. lol