Concert Rehearsals from a Student’s Perspective.

Rehearsals are always full on, but are definitely needed. They help us (the students) remember our cues for when we need to go on stage. At Jaksa we specialise in Musical Theatre, so our end of year concert always has a storyline and is full of Singing, Dancing and Acting!  Last year we did an adaptation of the Wizard of Oz and I got to play one of the lead characters called Dot. This year we’re doing an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and I’m playing a Jaksa-Who (like a Tweedle-Dee) and a talking Guitar! ha ha. So we don’t just have music cues but dialogue cues as well. We need to know exactly what’s happening. The rehearsals give us time to practice changing our costumes between all the singing, dancing and acting routines. The singers and drama students also use hand held radio microphones and head set microphones. Each student who uses them needs to know where to go to get the mics and where to put them when we finish. We also need to know what colour or number mic we have to use because the sound man has our mics tuned to our voices. This part does take a bit of time, especially when there’s new students who haven’t worked with them before. We also need the practice joining everything together. Jaksa rehearsals are a great way to get everyone ready for the end of year concert and help students know exactly where to stand on stage and when we need to get ready in costumes, with microphones and props. I forgot about props! But that’s another story! Lana (aged 15 & student @ Jaksa for 7 years.)